You can download the manual for the Corsac 2 here.

Video Instructions

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Can I connect the Corsac 2 with my phone?  You can, however please use extreme care to avoid wiping your files. Some phones will request to reformat the memory card, if you reformat the card all files will be erased. Please back up your files to a computer before reformatting.

I can't see anything at night!  You may have the IR filter still in place, this is located at the front of the lens and is only for daytime use. Please also make sure the IR level is turned up, unless there is ambient light from the moon, stars or light pollution.

What batteries does the Corsac 2 need?  It doesn't need batteries, it is USB chargeable, the original Corsac uses AA batteries.

My focus wheel has got stuck.  This was an issue that could affect the Corsac 1, we are hoping it is resolved with the Corsac 2. However, you can overcome this issue by strongly returning the focus wheel to the center of it's range

Can I use the Corsac 2 for bat surveying?  We don't recommend that you do, the Whisker has a wider field of view, which is useful for bat surveying.

Can the Corsac 2 be headmounted?  No, we don't recommend trying this.