Product information

Can I wear my glasses?

Nightfox night vision products use a screen that is quite close to your face. If you suffer at all from longsightedness they may be challenging to use. We have found this to be a particular problem on the Corsac but it may occur on other products as well. We are working on solutions for this problem.

If you wear glasses for observing objects in the distance you will not these for a Nightfox product.

Can my night vision be mounted to a helmet?

We recommend using the Nightfox Cape with a helmet as this product includes a helmet mount. It is possible to mount some other units, such as the Swift or Red with a 3rd party Go-pro style helmet mount (not included) such as the AxPower motorcycle helmet mount. We would only ever recommend mounting our night vision goggles products to your head, binoculars can be extremely disorientating to use while moving.

Using a memory card with your night vision device.

While most Nightfox night vision units can record to a micro SD card, the Nightfox Swift and 100V are not able to record. Please refer to your user manual to see how to use a memory card with your device. The maximum size for memory cards is 32GB.

Using the neck strap on your night vision

Each model of Nightfox binoculars includes a neck strap to allow users to easily carry their device when out and about.

To attach the neck strap to your Nightfox binoculars follow these steps:

•Ensure the plastic fastener is on the right side up.
•Feed the strap from the outside-in, through the tether points on each side of the device.
•Create some slack by pulling the strap upwards in the middle of the plastic fastener, this will create a loop.
•Pull both ends tightly to fix down the strap in the fastener.

Neck strap for night vision binoculars

Website information

Where are the reviews from?

You might notice some review information in the search engine listings for our website. The numerical review scores are from the listings for our products. We update this information periodically so it may show slightly fewer reviews than on Amazon. We decided to include this information because we are so proud of all the happy customers who have decided to review our products in the last few years.