Night vision goggles

Nightfox Prowl Monocular Night Vision Goggles

  • 1x magnification
  • Works with either eye
  • Head mount included as well as a helmet adaptor


PREORDER Nightfox Swift 2 Pro Night Vision Goggles

  • Records to included 32GB card
  • Head and helmet mounting options included
  • Rechargeable


Nightfox Swift 2 Night Vision Goggles

  • Wide FOV and high resolution sensor
  • Head and helmet mounting options included
  • Rechargeable


Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles

  • 1x magnification
  • Head mount included
  • Integrated rechargeable battery


Frequently Asked Questions

Nightfox devices use digital night vision technology. The LED at the front of the Nightfox emits infrared light that the naked eye cannot see, but the camera sensor can. The image stream is then displayed on the viewing screen at the back of the device. This allows you to view your surroundings in complete darkness. To view even longer ranges you may wish to boost your night vision goggles with an infrared torch.

All of our goggles are mountable night vision devices, making them perfect for hands-free use. Which model you choose depends on the other functions you wish to make use of. If documenting footage is important to you, choose between our many goggles with recording capability: the Prowl, Swift 2 Pro or Cape. The Prowl monocular is a great choice if you wish to conserve your natural eyesight in one eye, while LCD screens in our mountable binocular models have been designed with comfortable viewing in mind.

Our IR torches and LEDs come in two different wavelengths: 850nm and 940nm. 850nm gives slightly better range and performance but creates a small visible red glow. 940nm has a slightly reduced range, around 20% less, but with an almost eliminated red glow. 940nm torches often appear slightly purple on the screen of Nightfox night vision goggles. Most users opt for 850nm when their priority is power, and 940nm when their priority is stealth.

Experience unparalleled convenience with our cutting-edge night vision devices, designed for hands-free operation and available in a lightweight, compact design. Whether you choose the binocular or monocular option, enjoy optimal visibility in low-light conditions, all while effortlessly mounted on your helmet or head. If you aren't sure which night vision goggles or infrared torches are best for your needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team, who would be delighted to offer tailored advice.

We stock a range of accessories which help you to get the best from your head- and helmet-mountable goggles. Most of our products arrive with the kit included. For extra sets, visit our accessories page. We also sell IR torches for use alongside night vision devices.

Consider buying an external flashlight, like the Nightfox XB5 Pro that can be handheld and produces extra illumination for enhanced viewing range.