Nightfox Warranty Policy

 an orange wreath around text saying 18 month warranty

When you buy directly from Nightfox, you don't need to worry about registering to benefit from the automatic 2 year Warranty. Your warranty protection begins from the date you make your purchase, and does not affect your statutory rights. 

The warranty covers:

  • - Defects in materials used in manufacture;
  • - Defects in function under normal use;
  • - Broken components under normal use.

      Within 30 days of purchase we can provide a refund when the item is returned to us.

      After the 30 day period, up to 2 years post-purchase, we can provide:

      • - Spare parts for any broken replaceable components, at no cost to the customer;
      • - Or, we will exchange the faulty item for a new device of the same model.

      Conditions that are not covered by the Nightfox warranty:

      • - Damage of a device resulting from mis-handling or negligence;
      • - Damage caused by unauthorized modification of the product;
      • - Second hand products or Nightfox products that are not sold by Nightfox, or affiliated to Nightfox, Laserware and/or Brunel Brands;              
      • - Product without an order number, or proof of purchase;
      • - Theft or loss of product.

        All you need to do is email us and provide your order number. The order number will look slightly different depending on where you purchase. For example, on our Nightfox website the order number will look like #NF2-1234, on Amazon #200-123456-123456. If you've purchased on Ebay, provide your full name.

        If you have any questions about the warranty please get in touch and we will be happy to answer.