Download the manual for the Nightfox Prowl here.

Video Instructions

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Should I use my other eye? It's up to you, some people find it easiest to shut their other eye, while others focus between the Prowl and their other eye. It may require conscious effort to bring the Prowl screen into focus with your other eye.

How can I focus while using the Prowl? The Prowl has 2 focus controls, a diopter and a wheel at the front of the device. Use the focus wheel at the front to bring the screen into focus and use the diopter to help your eye see it as clearly as possible. You may also wish to use the diopter so that objects appear the same size with both eyes.

Can I use two Prowls at the same time? Yes you can, but to mount them requires a special rail adaptor. For now the special dual-Prowl adaptor is only available on this website's accessories page

My Prowl has frozen. You can resolve this issue by using the reset button on the device. You will need to use a pen, or sim replacement tool to press the reset button. It is located next to the USB port.

My Prowl won't turn on, even when charging. It may take up to 4 hours of charging before the Prowl is able to turn on if its battery level has fallen very low.

I can't see my IR torch's light. Please make sure that your Prowl is in IR0 mode for use with an external IR source.

What should I do with the frame rate setting? We recommend leaving the frame rate on the default setting of 30FPS, any other setting may cause device issues.

How can I helmet mount my Prowl? We recommend a Wilcox G24 style helmet mount, high quality imitations are widely available. The Prowl is not compatible, out of the box, with a Rhino style mount.


I want to Update the firmware on my Nightfox Prowl. It is possible to update the Prowl's firmware in order to solve firmware bug with batch 0723. Please only attempt this update if your Prowl has a batch number 0723, you can find the batch number on the bottom of your Prowl.

Do not use this firmware on any other Nightfox device, such as the Swift 2, it will irreparably damage them.

You can download the new firmware v1.21.0 by clicking here.

This video shows instructions for carrying out the update. Please follow it with care.