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My Swift 2 has frozen. You can resolve this issue by using the reset button on the device. You will need to use a pen, or sim replacement tool to press the reset button. It is located next to the USB port.

My Swift 2 won't turn on, even when charging. It may take up to 4 hours of charging before the Swift 2 is able to turn on if its battery level has fallen very low.

I can't see my IR torch's light. Please make sure that your Swift is in IR0 mode for use with an external IR source.

What should I do with the frame rate setting? We recommend leaving the frame rate on the default setting of 30FPS, any other setting may cause device issues.

How can I helmet mount my Swift 2? We recommend a Wilcox G24 style helmet mount, high quality imitations are widely available. The Swift 2 is not compatible, out of the box, with a Rhino style mount.