Help With the Nightfox Whisker Night Vision Binoculars

Help with the Nightfox Whisker

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Whisker is compatible with all 1/4 inch standard tripods. This will be the majority of tripods for sale online or in stores, unless otherwise specified, they will commonly have a 1/4 inch fitting.

The Whisker has inbuilt 850nm IR, which gives a great 270 meter viewing range at night. If you need more IR illumination for bat surveys, use an additional IR 850nm torch. We would suggest the XB5 850nm PRO. The Whisker only has one mounting point, so you will need to search online for a "dual flash bracket 30cm" to fit the Whisker and torch alongside to a tripod. You will also need a torch clamp or cable ties to attach the torch to the dual bracket. We sell an adjustable torch mount that will attach to 1/4 inch tripod mounts.

We recommend when you first get the Whisker to charge it over night, to top up a possibly depleted battery. After this, shorter charges should suffice. You can reduce the screen brightness and IR level, or use the Whisker with an additional IR to boost its range. All these options will help boost the battery life on a single charge. If you think your device is draining too quickly please contact us.

The Whisker has an inbuilt lithium battery that is rechargeable via the USB provided. You can't remove it, but you can recharge it on the go with an additional power pack (the same you use for charging mobiles on the go). You can also use the Whisker whilst it is charging. Just turn on the device and plug it into a power pack and extend the approx. 5 hour battery life even further.

If you find that after adjusting the Whiskers manual focus wheel the viewing screen remains blurry, please check to see if the words on the settings menu are also fuzzy. If they are both unclear, you may find some relief from holding the screen further from your eyes, or wearing reading glasses. You could benefit from using a device with an adjustable dioptre instead, such as the Nightfox Prowl, or may find the Corsac 2 with the dual lens more comfy to focus with. If you have focal length difficulties, please contact us directly for advice.