Nightfox Click Dovetail Helmet Adapter for Nightfox Cape

A 4.5 star rating for night vision

4.4 Stars on (From 35 reviews)

  • Designed for Nightfox Cape and 110R models
  • 3D printed in England, strong SLS nylon
  • Compatible with L4G24-style helmet mounts

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  • We recommend this adaptor for use with the Nightfox Cape. Please see our other listings for an adaptor specifically for the Swift 1, Swift 2 and Red models.
  • The Nightfox Click helmet mount adaptor connects the Nightfox Cape and 110R to dovetail style helmet mounts, without the need for any GoPro-style connectors.
  • Helmet mounting your night vision goggles lets you walk around handsfree, great for airsoft and for moving around in the dark, without getting disoriented. The Click makes it easier than ever to helmet-mount your Cape or 110R to L4G24-style mounting systems.
  • This adaptor is also compatible with the Nightfox 110R, but due to the 110R's high magnification of 7x you may find yourself feeling disorientated while helmet mounting. Please check out our 1x magnification devices for the ultimate handsfree experience, like the Swift 2 and Prowl.
  • The Nightfox Click adaptor is SLS Nylon construction, designed to be robust and manufactured by Nightfox in England. 


  • One piece SLS Nylon construction
  • Lightweight
  • Dovetail style only
  • Requires existing compatible helmet mount and helmet

what's included

Just a single adaptor, no mount